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Information for Teachers

Preparation For Your Trip

Pre-Camp Information and Forms

Please distribute these materials to the appropriate individuals. Before you come, we will provide additional materials specific to your week of outdoor education.

The Responsibilities of the School Include:

  • Transportation for the students to and from outdoor school.

    • A certificate of insurance must be sent to American Outdoor Education before the program.

  • Provision of chaperones within the ratio appropriate to the camp’s cabin accommodations, with at least one male and one female counselor if both boys and girls are attending. 

  • An adult (teacher or chaperone) as your first aid person with First Aid and CPR certification, a vehicle for emergencies, and a First Aid kit. 

  • A completed online registration and health form for each student and adult.

  • The school is responsible for completing and turning in any additional release forms that the host camp facility may require outside the American Outdoor Education registration forms.

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